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Airbus A330 Tanker Boom

The fly-by-wire boom allows refueling at altitudes up to 35,000 ft and speeds of 180-325 knots, Airbus says, adding that the fuel transfer rate is up to 1,200 US gal/min (4,500 l/min) at 50 psi. Fully extended, the boom measures 17 meters in length.

A F-16 sits in contact behind an Airbus A330 MRTT. The ruddevators appear to form a more acute angle than those of the KC-135. Also to be noted are the fences on the ruddevators and vortex generators on the boom fairing. Otherwise this is a very familiar sight  to KC-135 boom operators.

This image is 1920×1080 pixels and may be an indication of the fidelity that can be expected from the remote viewing system.

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KC-135 Boom

KC-135 Boom

A KC-135's boom is lowered and extended for maintenance.

This is a nice picture that shows a closeup of the KC-135’s boom. In this picture the boom is not fully extended and still has approximately 6′ before it reaches full extension. The colorful marking on the boom give the receiver crew a visual indication of the extension of the boom. During night operations the markings are illuminated by ultraviolet lamps that causes them to fluoresce.

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