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Boeing KC-46A makes first contact

First Contact

The KC-46A Pegasus performs its first-ever aerial refueling passing 1,600 pounds of fuel to an F-16 fighter Jan. 24. Credit Paul Weatherman / Boeing Boeing Flight Test & Evaluation – Boeing Field – KC-46, VH004, EMD2, Initial Contacts with F-16, Boeing KC-46 Pegasus Tanker Refueling F-16, Edwards AFB 412th TW,

KC-46A Test 004-002

KC-46A Test 004-002 was the initial F-16 contact and fuel pass flight on January 24, 2016. Air Force Photo by SSgt Brandi Hansen.

KC-46 C-17

KC-46A performs an aerial refueling contact with a C-17A.

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First KC-30A boom refuelling with an E-7A over Iraq

RAAF KC-30A Boom Operator Station Remote Vision

KC-30A E-7AAirbus KC-30A Remote Vision SystemThe KC-30A features a remote vision system consisting of 3D cameras and panoramic cameras. The operator wears polarized glasses in order to see the 3D screen. An advanced user interface provides the operator with all information in an easy to understand format.

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V-22 Osprey Tanker

V-22 Osprey tanker refueling F-18.

V-22 Osprey tanker refueling F-18.


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KC-135 Boom Operator Panel

Boom operator's panel.

Boom operator’s panel

Here is a picture of the boom operator’s panel of the KC-135 stratotanker.

  • The gauges at the top indicate the position of the air refueling boom. The green arcs represent the air refueling envelope that the receiver aircraft must remain inside of. The red markings on the gauges are the limits of the air refueling envelope. If the receiver exceeds these limits and the tanker’s signal system is in NORMAL, then an automatic disconnect will occur.
  • The boom signal coil voltmeter on the right of the panel shows the status of the boom nozzle signal coil when the PUSH TO TEST button is pressed. The voltmeter displays OPEN, GOOD, and SHORTED.
  • The TEST CONTACT button advances the signal system to CONTACT when pressed if the signal amplifier is operational.
  • The RESET READY button resets the signal system to READY.
  • The blue, green, and orange lights display the current status of the air refueling signal system. The blue READY light indicates the system is ready for contact with a receiver. The green CONTACT light indicates that the boom is in contact with a receiver and that fuel transfer can occur. The orange DISCONNECT light indicates that a disconnect signal has been received.
  • The TLSCP AT DISCONNECT (telescope at disconnect) switch selects if the boom will automatically retract when a disconnect signal is received. It has two positions AUTO, and MANUAL.
  • The PILOT DIRECTOR LIGHTS are controlled by four rheostats for the background elevation & letters and telescope and for the position elevation and telescope pilot director lights.
  • The NACELLE ILLUMINATION rheostats control the brightness of the engine illumination lights.
  • The A/R FlOODLIGHT rheostat controls the brightness of the tail mounted air refueling floodlight.
  • The BOOM NOZZLE rheostat controls the brightness of the boom mounted nozzle light that shines light on the boom nozzle.
  • The UNDER BODY rheostat controls the brightness of lights mounted on the inboard side of the inboard engine struts that illuminate the under body of the aircraft to help with night air refueling.
  • The UNDER WING rheostat controls the brightness of lights mounted on the underside of the aft fuselage that illuminage the underside of the wings.
  • The BOOM MARKER controls turn on ultraviolet fluorescent tube lights mounted in the boom that cause fluorescent markings on the boom to glow for night air refueling. The ON/OFF switch controls power to the lights and the START positions of the start switch each turn on one of the two fluorescent lights. The neon lights indicate the status of the marker lights.
  • The DIRECTOR LIGHTS GROUND TEST switch is used to turn on all pilot director lights at once for maintenance testing.


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Teaching a computer to refuel an airplane

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Remembering the crew of KC-135 63-8877


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C-130 Refueling Two F-35 Lightning IIs

Two F-35s refuel from a C-130 tanker on 18 January 2013.

Two F-35s refuel from a C-130 tanker on 18 January 2013.

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