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RF-84 Refueling from KC-135A

RF-84 Refueling from KC-135A

A pair of RF-84 Thunderjets refuel from a KC-135A Stratotanker. The RF-84 used a single point refueling probe that mated with the KC-135’s Boom-to-drogue adapter (BDA). This is in contrast to earlier F-84 models that refueled their wingtip tanks separately (each had its own probe fixed to the tip of the tank).

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  1. First probe installation on the F-84 was made to two aircraft modified by Flight Refuelling Limited (FRL) in 1949 under Project Outing, Probe fitted mid-wing on left side. Both flew Atlantic in Fox Able 4, refuelled by Lancaster, Lincoln and B-29 hose/drogue tankers. Wing-scale test subsequently caried out by USAF in Korean operations with probed wingtip tanks (Project Hightide). When the 27th FEW participated in these trials with their F-84Gs (equipped with a boom receptacle) they were also fitted with the probed tip tanks thus becoming the first ‘dual-system’ receivers. Tankers were one single-point B-29 hose/drogue tanker, one three point YKB-29T and subsequently eight KB-29Ms modified to have the hose/drogue system – all originally modified by FRL in England.
    Pressure relief valves in each tip tank allowed fuel to vent when tank was full.
    During these trials, three aircraft were experimentally fitted with a probe in the boom receptacle, not on fuselage side. (Project ‘Big Richard’) Because of its close proximity to the fuselage, contacting was difficult and although practical, would require a prohibitive amount of pilot training.

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