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B-58 Refueling

A B-58 moves into contact behind a KC-135 Stratotanker.

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  1. I was a co pilot on a KC 135 which did the initial work determining the closure rates & distances to turn and turn radius. We were statoned at K.I.Sawyer AFB 46th ARS. John Johannes Aircraft Commander Eugene Bittrolff, Navigator and Harold Herbert Boom Operator. WE met the B58 crew and worked out the flight patterns. Interesting to see the Hustler screaming past the right window with everything hanging down still not slowed down to our speed. The hustler crew did several attempts before we got it right. The distance from the Tanker was established and at that point the Hustler came out of burner went to idle speed. brakes and flaps extended and slowed to match the speed of the tanker at our right wing. He slid into position and took on the fuel. He then pulled of to th side and went into burner to continue his speed run. If I remember correctly the goal was to commorate Lindburgs crossing of the Atlantic. I think that the whole refueling from the time he came out of burner and supersonic. took on the fuel and then went into burner was less than 12 minutes. Not to sure about that time but that is what I remember Ekrubsack

    Comment by Ernst Krubsack | January 9, 2011 | Reply

  2. My uncle, Keith Roy Goffin was the navigator on one of the KC-135 Stratotankers that collided over the Atlantic in August, 1963. We did not get many details at the time from the U.S.A. air force. If anyone has any details I would be interested to know. I have got parts of the crash report. I would like to know what wreckage was recovered, etc. Thanks. Keith.

    Comment by Keith Goffin | May 1, 2013 | Reply

  3. Delta wing aircraft don’t have flaps.

    Comment by Darrell R Schmidt | July 23, 2019 | Reply

  4. And the Hustler doesn’t have speed brakes. The external engine nozzles open with the throttles in idle and they take the place of speed brakes.

    Comment by Darrell R Schmidt | July 23, 2019 | Reply

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