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KB-29P Boom Operator’s Station

The boomer in the KB-29 operated his equipment from a station in the converted tail turret of the bomber. Click image to enlarge.

The boomer in the KB-29P operated his equipment from a station in the converted tail turret of the bomber. Click image to enlarge.

The Boom Operator’s station in the KB-29P was in approximately the same location as where the tail gunner would sit in a conventional B-29. A large hemispherical Plexiglas bubble provided a generous view of the refueling operation. The boom was mounted beneath the operator which made the job of effecting a contact more difficult. Subsequent aircraft would be configured with the boom mounted above the operator so that he could more accurately sight down the boom.

Boeing developed the rigid flying boom system to improve on the hose and drogue in-flight refueling (IFR) system. The boom, mounted at the aft-most portion of the KB-29P, was fitted with two small wings that allowed the boom operator to maneuver the boom. The pilot of the receiver aircraft, guided by the boom operator and light signals on the tanker belly, flew behind and below the tanker for refueling. Once in position, the boom operator “flew” the boom into the refueling receptacle, and the KB-29P flight engineer began fuel transfer.

The flying boom system became the most common method for IFR and was used on KB-50s and KC-97s. It is still used on the USAF’s modern tankers — the KC-135 and KC-10.


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  1. the boom operator actually sat down where the tailguns were & not above where the tail gunner was. he had a little sliding seat to sit on. I was a boom operator from late 1951 to August 1954 in the 307th/27th ARS.

    Comment by dale brainerd | March 25, 2013 | Reply

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